Water meters

Water meter WOLTMANN

These systems are a result of long years of investigation, research, and of tests being carried out on hydraulics and materials. As a result, a range of both hydraulic and metrological meters have emerged that guarantee exceptional performance.


Atlantis water meter (single jet)

Fabricated using only materials of the highest quality, Hidroconta’s domestic meters stand out for their efficiency and precision always achieving optimum results even when dealing with higher than nominal flow rates.

Single jet meter

Multiple Jet Meters

This type of meter ensures an even load distribution within the turbine when circulation is generated through it. The low-maintenance required and the reduced load losses make this model the ideal choice for the control and reading of water consumption within distribution networks.

MFSM water meter MFSM nylon meter MFSM potable water meter

Woltmann Meter

The horizontal helix Woltmann meter, equipped with all of the latest technology, guarantees a high-precision control when dealing with industrial plants. It boasts a well-rounded mechanism designed to ensure rigorous and accurate measurements of an extensive range of flow rates.

Woltmann meter

HIDROMAG Electromagnetic Meter

Is a high precision instrument offering reliability and a wide range of applications. The contained modular system enables the measurement, transmission, and totaling of any type of liquid flow that passes through it.

Electromagnetic meter


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