Manual valves

Water control is guaranteed and adapts to the various installations, given the wide range that Hidroconta offers to its customers.

Butterfly valves

Are used in civil and industrial air conditioning (hot and cold water), water treatment, hydrocarbons, lubricating and transmission oils, air and general services.

Butterfly valve

Dual plate retention valves

Are used as a standard provision for ventilation, air conditioning and heating, as well as being used in lubrication plants, mineral oils, industrial greases and other derivatives.

Dual plate check valve

Flexible closing sluice gate valves

Form the first choice for wastewater treatment plants (ETAP) and agricultural irrigation systems, due to their general environmental resistance and low maintenance requirement. Also and thanks to their air/watertight two-way closure, their use has seen a marked increase in fire prevention systems, industrial applications, and air-conditioning techniques.

Gate valve

Y Strainer filter

Y strainer





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