Our hydrant assemblies provide all the advantages and reliability supplied by the hydraulic membrane valves as well as the precision of multi-jet meters or Woltmann turbine meters (officially approved) for diameters ranging from 1/2" a 20". By using the latter, duties such as opening, closing, pressure regulation, and flow restriction, etc.. can be carried out. Regardless of the total volume of water in circulation, the hydrants can exercise the following:

  • Downstream pressure reduction
  • Flow restriction
  • Sustaining of upstream pressure with or without a solenoid
  • Floating valves
  • Combination of all of the above

Among the differing applications of these elements, their particular application is found in:

  • Irrigation networks. (By these means, it allows water pipes to be designed in accordance with the irrigator’s flow and pressure need.)
  • Automatic irrigation systems.
  • From a central computer, the opening and closing of differing irrigation points can be managed.
  • General installations. Restricts the pressure and flow constants that are released due to orographical complexity.

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