Hydraulic products

Given our extensive experience in this sector, in Hidroconta we acknowledge that a product should be adapted to meet the customer’s needs. We, therefore, continuously research and consequently add new features to our products in order to obtain maximum water employment, whilst dealing with all types of installations/equipment.

The versatility of our products enables us to offer tailored solutions ranking from simple domestic meters to complex hydraulic control equipment utilized by large agricultural plants. We also offer a full range of interchangeable products together with various accessories, which allow the complete adaptation of all the differing products to suit the particular needs of each customer always going hand in hand with the guarantee of maximum control.

Our technology
We verify each process and element

To ensure that the final product is competitive and meets and satisfies the expectations of the most demanding customer, we check and verify each process and element on our Test Bench, which in turn guarantees the quality of the products we sell.

This bench consists of an especially designed water recirculation system which prevents wastage. Made up of four pumps and four electrical meters, it ensures that any measurements recorded are reliable. Together with sensor systems relating to temperature, humidity, pressure, and pulse reception, it becomes possible for all information to be computerized autonomously thus guarding against any possible human error. This results in greater speed and accuracy ensuring a perfect product.

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